Our Tools

Bioss works closely with each client to determine the best tools to address a particular need.


We take just as much care in choosing the most appropriate Bioss practitioners to offer these tools in any particular organisation.

Learn more about the models and approaches that form the foundation of Bioss’s work.

All Bioss tools are privacy-focused, ensuring that customer data is protected according to all relevant legislation and best practices. Review our Tool Privacy Statements.

People Development

Bioss works with organisations to identify and develop individuals with the capability to engage fully with each domain of work and complexity.

Career Path Appreciation

A one-to-one interview, held face-to-face (in person or remotely), exploring an individual’s career history and preferred approach to work, as well as the type of work complexity with which they feel comfortable.

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Modified Career Path Appreciation

MCPA is an online variant of the full Career Path Appreciation, an interview process originally developed by Bioss in the UK.

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An online variant of the full MCPA suited to junior and middle-management levels.

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Linked Personal Appreciation

LPA is a comprehensive online personality assessment tool, which assesses 6 core personality areas, and 29 sub-dimensions.

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The ELDI is sophisticated 360-degree assessment, which compares an individual’s self-assessment to that of managers, colleagues, etc.

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Initial Recruitment Interview Schedule

An entry level capability assessment tool

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Four Journeys

A coaching framework for individuals

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Organisation Design and Working Relationships

Bioss shares with clients new ways of thinking about the challenges inherent in each level of work in their organisation, helping them to tap into latent value and remove excess cost and waste.

Working Relationships Appreciation

Analytics to better understand the health of working relationships for teams and leaders.

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Peer Relationships Appreciation

Analytics to better understand the health of working relationships for leaders and teams across functions

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Virtual Team Appreciation

Analytics to better understand the issues for teams working remotely and hybrid teams

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Work Level Appreciation

Analytics that map the complexity of any given task, project or layer in an organisation.

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Organisational Role Appreciation

A tool for HR Professionals to design effective roles and for individuals to better understand the complexity of their own role used in a coaching role

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Systems Leadership Training

An approach to understanding systems and symbols and culture in an organisation.

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