Welcome to Bioss

Giving organisations confidence in wise
decision-making in uncertain times.

As a board, a CEO or a leadership team, you cannot be in every meeting, or situation, where people are making (or struggling to make) decisions on behalf of the organisation.

Working with Bioss enables our clients to build confidence in the decision-making capability of their whole organisation, from the board to the front line, reducing waste in terms of time and money and unlocking latent value.


Our core expertise is in:

  1. Appreciating the cognitive capability of people and helping the maximum number of people in any organisation to make sound decisions about the work they have been asked to do – helping them to be ‘in flow’.
  2. Improving the organisational structures to support healthy working relationships that are focused on achieving organisational success.
  3. Analysing the context in which organisations operate and the impact on strategic plans and objectives.

We work in partnership with our clients to align and integrate these three elements to enhance current and future performance.

All our tools can be delivered virtually, and are suited to all working environments.

Bioss’ unique Career Path Analytics underpin the work we do. Our consultants have worked with more than 150,000 people, from Board members to front-line workers, in all cultures, genders and heritages across the world, to understand and appreciate their present capability, to realise their future potential and to help organisations create the optimal conditions for them to exercise their judgement.

Our Analytics are proven to be gender, ethnicity and education agnostic, and provide a dynamic way for the whole organisation to ‘know itself better’, enabling more rapid and cost effective responses to internal and external challenges.

Recognising and respecting Cognitive Diversity and creating the organisational structure and conditions in which diversity of thinking flourishes is a critical element in the resilience and long-term sustainability of any organisation.

The Missing ‘How’

In our experience it is often the case that,
while the strategic focus is clear (the what and the why),
the how is not as clearly understood.

We often see confusion, with people asking what work they need to do and what their contribution should be in relation to purpose, strategy and values.

Dynamically addressing the how is where Bioss adds unique value to its clients.

Underpinned by more than 40 years of research and delivery in the Private, Public and Third Sectors, Bioss has developed a coherent framework of models and diagnostic tools to work with our clients on ‘how’ to create the conditions in which to turn strategic intent, purpose and declared values into reality.

Success Factors

Over the years we have identified key factors for the success of any strategy or transformation programme, as well as for the work of any individual and team.

  • Grounding the work in the organisation’s objectives and wider purpose.
  • Getting the initial conditions right – clear communication of objectives.
  • Understanding the capability of people and teams.
  • Actively developing diversity of perspective.
  • Attending to the health of working relationships between individuals and teams.
  • Visible and sustained involvement and support of Management.
  • Clarity about Board and Senior Management’s work and the conditions created for leaders and teams.
  • Review and Learn – meaningful, timely and consistent feedback loops as work progresses.

Above all, treat people as people,
in all our messiness and magic.