About Us

Bioss is a global network of organisation and people development consultancies.

We have research-tested and field-proven our understanding of individual capability, working relationships and organisational complexity for more than 40 years with clients spanning five continents.

Our Purpose

Bioss believes that work and organisations should be designed to make the most of the constructive aspects of human nature and to minimise the destructive.


Organisations that induce anxiety, confusion and mistrust are costly, wasteful and less likely to achieve their purpose and create value.

Organisations that induce confidence and respect, where competent people work together in focused ways that strengthen bonds of mutual trust and fairness, tend to achieve their purpose and create value for wider society.

We offer organisations new ways of thinking, helping them to tap into latent value, remove excess cost and waste and to act sustainably in line with Environmental and Social Governance principles.

Our Values

Bioss works on projects with clients. We do not ‘do things’ to them. Our work is to build confidence in their organisation.

We believe in working with our clients to optimise the most positive and effective activities of leadership while identifying the areas for improvement. This is the essence of appreciative consulting.

Value can be viewed through many lenses. Quantitative, as in financials and market share. Qualitative, as in reputation and loyalty. Short-term profit. Long-term viability.

The Bioss approach to value balances tangible measures such as revenues, costs and timeliness with intangible measures such as capability, engagement and trust.


We help make the invisible visible and the implicit explicit, so that organisations can:

  • ensure the decision-making capabilities of their People are being used effectively,
  • see and build value across every level of Work, and
  • develop and deliver on their strategy, even in a complex, uncertain Context.

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