Appreciation of Context

What happens on the inside of an organisation
is only ever half the picture.

An appreciation of Context – the relationship between the organisation and its environment – is also vital. Bioss works with top teams and boards to align strategy with Leadership, Governance, Ethics and Risk.



Leadership is complex and multi-faceted.


Bioss understands that:

  • Leaders provide the conditions for others to do their best work.
  • They make wise and efficient use of time and resources.
  • They set ethical and performance standards, inspiring others by word and deed.
  • They look both within and outside the organisation, setting a context for work, engaging with turbulence and opening up new possibilities for the future.
  • On top of all this, leaders must also tend to their own balance and development.

Bioss offers new ways of thinking about relationships between people operating at different domains of complexity, providing conditions for robust decision-making, and identifying, supporting and developing leaders throughout the organisation.


Boards of directors today are under enormous pressure.

The ever-increasing complexity of globalisation, regulatory pressures, financial crises and ethical challenges have shaken entire industries to the core.

Bioss works with organisations to configure a board that will:

  • Protect the value of resources.
  • Use Power wisely.
  • Prepare the organization for the future.


Good news, bad news, secrets and slander now travel at the speed of light.


The internet and social media have recast the relationship between organisations and the individuals they serve and employ. A breakdown in trust can spiral to global proportions in a single day. A protest can gather thousands of followers in under an hour.

Organisations that create a culture of openness and transparency can harness the power of communication for the benefit of all. Building trust internally lays the foundation for trust in the organisation externally.

Bioss offers training in Appreciative Conversations, and works with clients to help build the kind of organisation that can inspire its own people, attract customers and investors, and improve collaboration with policy-makers and regulators.


Wherever we seek opportunity, we face risk.

How an organisation handles risk is key to its survival and success, requiring a careful balance between challenge and capability. Bioss uses the image of flow to express this balance.

A person ‘in flow’ is able to make sound decisions even when he or she does not and cannot know what to do.

An organisation ‘in flow’ has the capacity to read the risks and make the most of the opportunities of its environment.


Bioss helps organisations provide the best conditions for their people to exercise judgement in the face of uncertainty, to use their imagination to see opportunity in risk, and to engage actively and creatively with change.