What We Do

Bioss links people, work and context
three elements that underlie the success or failure
of any project, strategy or purpose.


People and flow


Work and organisational flow


Context and
strategic flow


Treating people as people.

Bioss can help your organisation understand and appreciate people and their individual capabilities:

  • to assess leadership teams’ capability – how truly capable is leadership when ‘the sea is not calm’ and uncertainty increases?
  • for succession planning and leadership development
  • when there is a need to recruit externally to enhance or transform the team
  • to help to create and sustain a diversity and Inclusion agenda. 

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Diversity and inclusion are particularly challenging as these issues have, quite rightly, become a key agenda item for all organisations. Bioss’ particular contribution is in understanding the importance of cognitive diversity, as we have been helping to identify and develop capability in traditionally non-dominant groups for many decades.

The Harvard Business Review describes Cognitive Diversity as “differences in perspective or information processing styles. It is not predicted by factors such as gender, ethnicity, or age. Here we are interested in a specific aspect of cognitive diversity: how individuals think about and engage with new, uncertain, and complex situations.”


We have always asked one deceptively simple question “what’s the work you want people to do?”


Bioss can help your organisation through the challenges of changes in work:

  • during or after a transformation program
  • to get the ‘org chart’ right, however it is configured – agile, matrix, de-centralised, traditional
  • to provide data on the health of working relationships throughout the organisation
  • to assess the alignment of accountabilities and decision-making authority to deliver the work
  • to ascertain whether an organisation is efficiently doing the wrong thing
  • to understand the conditions that underpin the organisation’s culture.

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How clear are you about the complexity of the
organisational context in which you ask people to work?


Bioss can help your organisation through the challenges of changes in context:

  • to support a change in strategy or a response to changes in external conditions 
  • where increased external stakeholder pressures (Environmental Social Governance) add to the complexity of the board’s and the executives’ task
  • in response to a shock – reputationally or financially – from decisions taken in parts of the organisation
  • to help understand the conditions – people and structural – during and after a merger or acquisition

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