Organisations are not machines. As living systems, they must listen, learn, adapt and grow. Every individual working in an organisation must likewise exercise judgement, finding their own path within the structure of their work.

Rules give guidance, training builds skill sets, and education imparts knowledge. But while these are all necessary, they are not sufficient. Organisations need people with the capability to make good decisions when neither guidelines nor experience offer easy answers. When a person’s capability does not match the challenge of their work, they become overwhelmed or underwhelmed. This imbalance will eventually affect not just their own well-being, but that of the entire organisation.

Bioss helps organisations identify the latent potential – the ‘unconverted capability’ – of their people. Our Career Path Appreciation reveals how an individual’s capability will grow over time, and how to match these changes with changing challenges so they can stay in flow.

Bioss also offers processes to help keep the organisation itself in flow. Organisational Role Appreciation is a levels-based tool that helps ensure all roles are designed at the right level of complexity, and aligned with all other roles with which they interact. This can provide the basis for recruitment, selection, orientation, development, succession and replacement-planning decisions.

Bioss helps organisations make sure they have the right jobs for people, and the right people for jobs.

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