Organisational structure is more than just roles and charts, levels and layers. It’s about internal connections and external interactions. It’s how knowledge is shared and decisions are made.

Bioss works with organisations to forge a deep appreciation of structure. How many layers of management are optimal? What is an appropriate structure and span of control at each level? Do people know what is expected of them, what they are accountable for? Are there gaps or overlaps in accountabilities? Are the relationships between functions clearly aligned?

We also believe in building organisational literacy, so that when circumstances change, our clients can rethink and redesign structure without the need for outside consultants – including us.

Bioss’s Work Level Appreciation is a set of tools to help organisations ensure they are operating not only with the right number of levels and layers, but also the connections across different functions, to allow the organisation, its people, and the communities it serves to flourish.

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