Over many years of listening to people talk about what they need to work well together, Bioss has distilled an understanding of working relationships and the conditions needed to create and sustain them.

Working relationships may be those within an organisation – between manager and reports, or among team members. Or they may be external – with contractors, suppliers, joint-venture partners, distributors, even regulators.

Mutual trust is of the essence in working relationships. However, trust must be supported by tasking: clear agreement about what is to be done, with what and by when. Trust must also be sustained by tending: continuous work to support and monitor without crowding, taking account of risk and uncertainty.

These three key elements – tasking, trusting and tending – underpin the Tripod of Work, Bioss’s robust model for effective working relationships. Bioss offers Working Relationships Appreciation and Peer Relationships Appreciation, a powerful addition to 360-degree assessments, which apply the Tripod of Work to build a resilient culture that makes the most of turbulence and change.

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