Stella Galvis

Stella is a Systems Engineer with specialisation in Business Administration. She has extensive knowledge in definition, design and implementation of processes and integrated information systems.

She has experience in measuring potential and human behavior through assessment methodologies and CPA, as well as in development of business consulting especially in the definition of organisational structures, position descriptions, organisational climate measurement, statistical processing and analysis and training of administrative, analytical and conflict management skills. She is certified in outdoors methodology by Project Adventure Inc. and in CPA implementation.


  • Measurement of competencies, skills and current and future potential of people from different levels through Assessment methodologies, 360 degrees and CPA for the purpose of selection and development in organizations from different sectors.
  • Defining of organizational skill models and of position for different levels of companies with their corresponding behavioral descriptors and levels of development. 
  • Definition and implementation of organizational structures with their respective definitions of positions and key result areas, using different methodologies. 
  • Participation in organizational development projects and individuals in accordance with a scheme of competencies or skills through the accompaniment in the construction and follow-up of individual and group development plans. 
  • Intervention in organizational climate processes (measurement, analysis, improvement proposals and monitoring).  Development of specific plans and activities to achieve changes or improve climate, working with senior levels of companies to coordinate actions towards the rest of the organization.
  • Management of business relationships and projects with clients to set goals of intervention, monitoring and compliance indicators. 
  • Management of statistics and standardization processes both of competencies and characteristic nand skills of human resources of an organization, establishing means and standard deviations to build targets for improvement and change. 
  • Administrative and financial management of Margarita Paez y Consultores accounting for the internal processes of the organization, including the organization and productivity of consultants.  


  • Assessment tools and methodologies 
  • CPA 
  • Tools to build organizational structures and definition of positions
  •  Methodologies for defining organizational competencies and positions
  • Tools for study of organizational climate 
  • Statistical processing 
  • Methodologies and tools for building personal development plans and professional development 
  • Management and Administration of a consultancy office  



Contact Stella Galvis:

Margarita Páez & Consultores
Carrera 14 No. 90-31 Of. 604
T: +57 1 6233843