Silvio Rogerio Petroni

Silvio has been with the Instituto Pieron since 1987 and brings a wide range of knowledge and experience in individual and organisational development through the use of psychological and psychometrical tools including Bioss’ methodologies.

Silvio started his experience at Pieron as an intern and rapidly grew into different roles – as consultant, trainer and assessment expert. He is trained in different assessment tools and runs many types of training.

His development has been mainly built around assessment tools and he has taken postgraduate training in many psychological tests such as Rorschach, PMK and Insights, in addition to coaching.

Silvio holds a Psychology degree from Catholic University, São Paulo, and is fluent in Portuguese and Spanish.

Areas of expertise include industrial, mining, financial, technology, energy, steel and paper.

Contact Silvio Rogerio Petroni:

Senior Consultant
Instituto Pieron
Rua Alice de Castro, 106 – Vila Mariana
CEP 04015-040 – São Paulo
T: +55 11 5573 9688
F: +55 11 5549 6064