Sharon-Gene Dalgleish

Financial Accountant, Bioss International

Sharon-Gene has run her own accounting and business consulting practice since 1994. She works primarily as an outsourced accountant and business management consultant.

Her practice is also extensively involved with external and internal auditing, tax issues and corporate governance. She has extensive experience in setting up operating and financial systems in retail, manufacturing and service industries and non-profit organisations, as well as participating in audit committees and corporate governance projects.

Sharon-Gene has been associated with Bioss Southern Africa since 1995 and Bioss International since 2003 as their Financial Accountant, and is currently a member of the Bioss International Global Leadership Team.

Her expertise lies in setting up accounting systems customised to suit the needs and requirements of the client, with proper internal controls essential for audit assurance and good corporate governance. She has extensive experience and places strong emphasis on staff training to ensure proper use of systems, and individual development.