Márta Fazakas

Consultant, Bioss Europe

As an organisational psychologist, Marta provides training and workshops on leadership development and consults on talent management issues using various psychometric assessment tools. As a health psychologist, Marta facilitates individuals and organisations in managing their stress and solving their conflicts, thus actualising their potential by developing their self-reflection.

After having graduated in Psychology (MA), Marta started to work as a trainer delivering leadership skills training for various multinational companies. She also experienced corporate HR, being responsible for strategic people-resourcing projects as an HR personnel at Dreher-SABMiller Breweries. Since then she has been a CPA practitioner.

After completing her postgraduate studies – graduating as a Health Psychologist – she embraced the theme of facilitating the well-being and well-functioning of individuals as well as organisations. As a business coach and supervisor, Marta facilitates stress management and conflict resolution workshops for cooperating teams, always taking the ’here and now’ – the actual obstacles to solving their conflicts – into account. Thus teams as well as individuals develop a more accurate reflection on self, on work and on the organisation, and how the three areas connect and interact with each other.

Marta is proud of being part of another world-wide consultant team, delivering stress- and trauma- counselling for the delegates of the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) in the European Region.