Marcos Luiz Bruno

Marcos re-started Instituto Pieron after an earlier acquisition in late 1986. He brings over 33 years’ experience in Organisational Development, Human Resources Planning and Development.

Marcos started his career working with national and multinational companies. His main areas of expertise are Organisational Development, Assessment, HR Planning and Consultancy in sectors including mining, petrochemical, retail, service, financial, technology, industrial, pharmaceutical and paper.

He has been responsible for developing Instituto Pieron’s partnership with Bioss, EDAC and Insights, which have helped Pieron bring international experience to its clients. He was also responsible for the first introduction of Levels of Work in Brazil.

Marcos has taught at different universities in São Paulo. Currently, he teaches post-graduate studies at Catholic University in Campinas. He also coordinates and organizes the training programs and courses for which Pieron has become renowned in the past 12 years.

Marcos is co-author of a bestselling book titled Employability and Competence Management, and author of many articles in the field of psychology and HR development.

Contact Marcos Luiz Bruno:

Managing Director
Instituto Pieron
Rua Alice de Castro, 106 – Vila Mariana
CEP 04015-040 – São Paulo
T: +55 11 5573 9688
F: +55 11 5549 6064