Katalina Kling

Katalina is an Organizational Psychologist of University “Universidad Javeriana” with update on various topics related to Human Resources.

She has 16 years work experience in national and multinational companies of the real, financial insurance and consulting sector in areas of Human Talent, in terms of intervention and support in impact processes before cultural changes and adjustment to new demands of companies and environmental needs. With skills to accompany in measurement for selection and development, training workshop management, knowledge of welfare and compensation issues, accompaniment in coaching and developing potential in people. 


Her initial experience for a period of two years began with an educational impact and sustainability project in relationship with the vision and interaction before the environment, where she accompanied and was involved in learning processes from different perspectives that impact change of role models since childhood. 

Subsequently, for a period of 6 years, she worked within national and multinational organizations of different sectors, in accompanying selection processes at different levels of the organization, with particular emphasis on middle and high management,  such as in talent and potential project management to have world class future leaders. She was able to implement processes and standardize procedures, with the participation of the different stakeholders of the organization, achieving a comprehensive and interdisciplinary participation which allowed greater empowerment of owners of the fields and fluency in processes. She designed and implemented cultural exchange and good practices projects with the help of a technological platform that permitted this exchange with different countries where the companies were established. 

Additionally, she worked with an organization introducing beverage and textile sector franchises, forming the human resources area as strategic support to the senior management, defining the needs in terms of human resources, such as handling different instances and stakeholders that made possible the introduction of them in the city. 

Finally, for a period of 8 years, since 2006, she has worked as Consultant for Margarita Paez & Consultores. Her contribution aims at providing support to different local and international Spanish-speaking clients in measurement and development processes as well as management of tools such as workshops and seminars designed to encourage the development of work activities, organizational climate and in general, aspects that allow further development of organizational competencies, in order to meet strategies defined by companies. Also, accompanying coaching processes and measurement of potential based on methodologies such as CPA, Assessment Center and psychological tests, among others. 


Bachelor’s degree in Psychology,  University “Universidad Javeriana”, 2000. 
Business Coaching Certification – Inter-American Academy of Coaching AIAC accredited by WABC Worldwide Association of Coaches Business, 2012 
CPA Certification,  BIOSS 



Contact Katalina Kling:

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Carrera 14 No. 90-31 Of. 604
T: +57 1 6233843