John Blacklaws

Founder, TML ONE

Prior to establishing his own management consultancy in 1998, John held several senior management roles in BP, BHP Billiton and Anglo American Corporations.

Today, John has a strong client base in the Middle East, Europe, UK, South Korea, Singapore and Africa. John is thoroughly familiar with the challenges and nuances of business practice in the GCC in particular, having lived and worked in the Middle East for 21 years.

Feedback from John’s clients is affirmative about his ability to blend his practical business experience with the guidance he provides to his clients. John is enthusiastic about “realizing capability” within individuals and organisations, i.e. helping people to become the best they can be, and to enjoy their work in meaningful ways.

Using the Bioss and EDAC assessment tools and methodologies, John has had the pleasure of interacting with hundreds of senior executives for purposes of coaching, personal assessments and career development planning.

In addition to consulting and managing corporate projects, John conducts recruitment and assessment interviews, advising corporates and government departments regarding executive and management selection, development and succession planning.

John has business and professional qualifications and accreditations from the Graduate Schools of Business of Cape Town, Witwatersrand, George Washington, The Project Management Institute, and the South African Board for People Practices.

John is a keen sportsman, and is active in community development projects including school construction for underprivileged communities, crisis counselling, pastoral work and pro-bono work with venture philanthropy organisations.