Henrik Møller Andersen

Henrik is partner in Bioss Denmark and has an educational background as a social psychologist with a Cand. Psych. MSc. from Aarhus University.

He started working as a business consultant before leaving university on organisational and leadership development projects for companies like LEGO, LM Wind Power and Superfos, as well as in the Danish public sector.

Henrik was subsequently employed with Arla Foods, heading up leadership development, after which he became head of learning and leadership development and joined the company’s top HR team.

As part of the transformation of HR, a new type of role was introduced in Arla Foods, and Henrik was asked to take on the role of Senior HR Partner for the production business unit (GCO). In this role, Henrik started using the Levels of Work / Complexity approach.

Henrik works internationally and in Denmark with all sizes of companies, with a focus on organisational design and development.

Strategic Value Partner
Bioss International
Møllevangs Alle 79
8210 Aarhus V
T: +45 5357 3474