Working Relationships Appreciation

By definition, every organisation requires people to co-operate. These working relationships are the foundation on which judgement is exercised and decisions made.

The Bioss Lines of Sight™, a powerful set of data analytics, provides quantifiable and actionable insights for leaders seeking to support and improve the quality of judgement and decision making in their organisation.

The Working Relationships Appreciation (WRA) is a software-as-a-service environment that enables people to articulate how they feel about day-to-day decisions and judgements they are asked to make at work, as well as about working relationships with their manager and team members. Analysis of the rich data provided by all participants provides a clear and detailed picture of decision making and working relationships throughout the organisation.

The WRA also identifies changes that leaders can make at both an individual and an organisational level, to translate these insights into improved support for effective decision-making using the Bioss model of the Tripod of Work. The key activities of Tasking, Trusting and Tending form the corners of the Tripod, and these in turn support the Judgement, Review and Coherence essential to an organisation’s resilience in the face of turbulence and change.

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