Modified Career Path Appreciation

A software-based variant of the Career Path Appreciation, the MCPA, developed with our partner EDAC, is a cost-effective solution where time, distance or volume is an issue. Candidates complete the MCPA online, and the results are validated and discussed through a one-to-one interview that may also be conducted online.

More tools:

Talent Management and Career Development

  • Career Path Appreciation (CPA)
  • Modified Career Path Appreciation (MCPA)
  • Initial Recruitment Interview Schedule (IRIS)
  • Linked Personal Appreciation (LPA)
  • ELDI

Organisation Design and Development

  • Working Relationships Appreciation (WRA)
  • Peer Relationships Appreciation (PRA)
  • Work Level Appreciation (WLA)
  • Organisational Role Appreciation (ORA)
  • Systems Leadership Training