Linked Personal Appreciation

A software-based appreciation, developed by Bioss partner EDAC, which can be ‘linked’ to CPA, MCPA or IRIS, supplementing their exploration of capability and potential with an understanding of 29 behavioural characteristics covering team roles, conflict handling, work styles, learning styles, personality and managerial style.

More tools:

Talent Management and Career Development

  • Career Path Appreciation (CPA)
  • Modified Career Path Appreciation (MCPA)
  • Initial Recruitment Interview Schedule (IRIS)
  • Linked Personal Appreciation (LPA)
  • ELDI

Organisation Design and Development

  • Working Relationships Appreciation (WRA)
  • Peer Relationships Appreciation (PRA)
  • Work Level Appreciation (WLA)
  • Organisational Role Appreciation (ORA)
  • Systems Leadership Training