Systems Leadership Training

Systems Leadership enables the leaders in an organisation to create the conditions where people at all levels can work productively to their potential.

It uses sound principles about human behaviour to create models of good leadership, organisational strategy, systems design and social process. It provides leaders with tools that help to predict people’s behaviour in their organisation. It also helps to build effective systems which drive productive behaviour and lead to a more effective realisation of the organisation’s purpose.

Systems Leadership has been developed by Dr Ian Macdonald throughout his career as an academic and a management and organisational behaviour expert, Professor Catherine Burke of the University of Southern California and Karl Stewart, first as a Managing Director and now as a consultant. It has a basis in the work of Elliot Jaques and has since been added to by other MAC Associates and clients.

Systems Leadership Training, now offered by Bioss, includes a wide range of courses tailored to the client’s needs. These may be used as part of larger transformation process or in a stand-alone capacity. Click on the course titles below for more details from the MAC website:

Working Together

An integrated experience of our organisational theory including team working, authorities and accountabilities, the nature of work, the structure of organisations, values and culture, systems, symbols and behaviour, and the tools of leadership.

Social Process Skills for Leaders

A detailed look at the different interactions between a leader and their team – practical experience of appropriate styles and approaches with feedback on coaching, performance management, giving presentations, running meetings, etc.

Systems Design

Learning how to design and implement effective systems.


How to ensure that the right person is in the right role doing the right work to achieve the organisation’s purpose.

Work of the Role

How can I understand the work of my role and roles like it so I understand what my distinct contribution is and how that is assessed?

Train the Trainer

Developing internal staff to run training courses, concentrating on safety, appropriate, respectful and courageous feedback and applying theory to business and organisational issues.

Safety Workshop

The Safety Workshop looks at the leadership work in developing the zero injuries culture that all organisations should be creating.

More tools:

Talent Management and Career Development
Organisation Design and Development