Four Journeys

Bioss understands that work is only one of many elements in a life.

One way of putting work in context is the idea that each of us is on four journeys through our lives.

The Public Journey

The public journey is our experience at work, in which we put our capability into the public domain. When the public journey makes heavy demands, it can sometimes seem as if this journey is the only one.

The Private Journey

The private journey is all that belongs to the place we leave and return to each day. We may live alone or with a partner, and share this journey with family and/or with close friends, all of whom look for time, energy and attention.

The Personal Journey

The personal is the journey through which we care for ourselves and find time and space for reflection. Some people give very little attention to their personal journey until they face a crisis.

The Underlying Journey

The underlying journey is what unfolds for us over the years, and an important element in it is the growth of our capability. This journey of the self helps each of us to hear our own story, to see the inner continuity of our lives.