To exercise judgement is to engage with complexity. Whenever we do not, and cannot, know for certain what to do, we face this challenge.

The deceptively simple idea that underpins Bioss’s approach is that people feel best able to use their judgement when the challenges offered by their work are matched by their capability to engage with them.

Simply put, flow is the dynamic relationship between challenge and capability.

The concept of ‘flow’ was first described by psychologist Mihály Csíkszentmihályi. When individuals are out of flow, they feel either under- or overwhelmed. In flow, they feel engaged, energised and effective in their decision-making. As capability grows over time, individuals will instinctively seek greater challenge in order to sustain this sense of wellbeing.

In the same way, an organisation out of flow will eventually be overtaken – or taken over. In flow, however, organisations are confident in the face of change, and able to make the most of the opportunities of their environment.

Bioss offers practical tools for a deeper understanding of capability and challenge, helping individuals and organisations restore and sustain a state of flow.