José Pinto

Consultant, Bioss Russia

An experience in marketing and communication can be an interesting basis on which to build a thorough understanding of how people actually think and act, not only as consumers but also as workers and leaders.

With almost 20 years in marketing and communications, José has worked in five different countries outside of his native Portugal. His background spans multinational advertising agencies, a creative school and even a technological arts festival. José brings experience in professional services and marketing thinking to STR, the brand offering BIOSS tools in the Russian market, developing it into an organisation that is fully dedicated to its clients’ current and future needs.

Three sites I follow that me think:

Ben Evans – a VC executive with a deep understanding of the business and societal issues around technology and investment.

Inc – a rich perspective on the world of business and work.

Contagious – while a marketing publication, has very rich content about strategy.

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