What We Do

Who makes what decisions
for your organisation?

A Bioss appreciation is designed to help you see where decisions are creating or destroying value. The word appreciation can be defined in two different ways:

  • Seeing the value in a person or thing.
  • Increasing value over time.
At Bioss, we believe one leads to the other: To see value is to build value.

Yet value can be viewed through many lenses. Quantitative, as in financials and market share. Qualitative, as in reputation and loyalty. Short-term profit. Long-term viability.

The Bioss approach to value balances tangible measures such as revenues, costs and timeliness, with intangible measures such as capability, engagement and trust.

We help make the invisible visible and the implicit explicit, so that organisations can:
  • ensure the decision-making capabilities of their People are being used effectively,
  • see and build value across every level of Work, and
  • develop and deliver on their strategy, even in a complex, uncertain Context.
Learn more about Bioss appreciation of People, Work and Context.
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