Yvonne Tippins

Yvonne joined Third Foundation Systems in 1998, prior to the formation of Bioss SA. She holds a BSc degree (University of KwaZulu Natal), an Honours Degree in Psychology (University of South Africa) and is a Registered Psychometrist. She has had nineteen years' experience working with Career Path Appreciation and other Bioss processes and has been involved in a wide range of Human Resource Development Projects with many major client organizations both locally and internationally over the years.

As a Bioss Associate, Yvonne has assisted in various aspects of the business, including conducting processes from Junior to Top Executive levels in organizations, as well as co-training CPA and IRIS and training MWR Practitioners. She has also had training over the years in various HR-related areas including Competency-Based Assessment, Assessment Centers, Leadership Development and Coaching, Job Profiling, Supervision, Management, Leadership and Life Skills. She enjoys reading and continuously learning about new developments in the business world.

Yvonne believes in using her time at work to assist in enhancing working environments to allow individuals and organizations to gain mutual benefit and to add value to the overall improvement of society. She is married with a fifteen-year-old daughter, and also believes in maintaining a healthy work-life balance while taking every opportunity to make some difference to business and to the world we live in.

As a keen amateur artist and art lover, Yvonne is a Director of Keletso Tourism and Marketing - a small not-for-profit company aimed at helping previously disadvantaged local artists to develop their talent and market their artworks locally and internationally.

Yvonne gained her initial experience in Training and Development Research as a Human Sciences Research Council Merit Bursar and subsequently in direct management, supervising an HR department in local government during the mid 1980s. The greater part of her career was spent with the Anglo American Group (Maccauvlei Training Centre), initially in a training and development role and later specializing in assessment technologies.

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