Vivien Cook

Vivien holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Psychology and a post graduate Diploma in Mining Engineering, both from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. She also completed the Management Development Program at the University of South Africa's School of Business Leadership.

Having worked at all levels of people development for much of her career, Vivien's areas of expertise include organization strategy and design, leadership program development and facilitation, design and implementation of career and performance management processes, the resourcing aspects of corporate mergers, and individual coaching.

Vivien has worked with the Matrix of Working Relationships since 1990.

Vivien spends a lot of her time listening to others to allow them to make sense of their challenges and dilemmas, especially within the context of work. Her professional work goals are focused on developing more responsible and robust organizations through appropriate organizational design and associated leadership development processes. Personal goals include making a visible difference, being challenged by what she does and the people she encounters, living sustainably, guiding others and sharing her love of life.

Although currently working as a freelance organizational development consultant, Vivien's most recent organizational role was that of Regional Director Africa for the Young Presidents Organisation, a global peer mentoring and networking collegiate for business leaders.

Prior to this, she was head of leadership development for BHP Billiton globally, and held a series of people development roles within Billiton and its previous incarnations.

Vivien has worked in South Africa, Australia and the UK.

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