Lorraine Dodd

Lorraine has developed an understanding of the non-linear dynamics of behaviour; in particular, means of organising for agility in complex and uncertain environments.

She has collaborated on US/UK work programmes for the past twenty years with colleagues from Swedish CRISMART, Los Alamos Labs, US Marine Corps, Virginia Tech, Idea Sciences, US DoD Pentagon, Evidence-Based Research, Mitre Corporation and RAND Corp.

She has experience in machine learning, pattern recognition and adaptive Command and Control (C2) agents. In collaboration with Prof Gillian Stamp she has developed an "open-eyes/open-mind" framework to provide support to leaders when dealing with crises and 'black swans'.

Lorraine Dodd is Director of Research at the Centre for Applied Systems Studies at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom, and is a highly respected international contributor to analysis, research and general thinking about complex adaptive systems.

Lorraine has an Honours degree in Pure Mathematics from Warwick University and an MSc in Operational Research and Management Science, majoring in Catastrophe Theory and non-linearity. Her main interest is sense-making and decision-making in situations of contention, criticality and complexity; also the study of organizations, institutions, society, people and governance. She uses analogy with complex cellular functions to develop mathematical models of attention, interpretation, behaviour and influence. Her research was used more widely to support decisions about intervention options in South Africa for HIV/AIDS for the Pugwash group. Her most recent studies include an application of a multi-perspective approach.

She is a Fellow of Operational Research and a visiting fellow at London School of Economics Mackinder Centre. She has served as an IEE Panel member for Neural Computing, has been a UK representative on NATO SAS050 Command Concepts panel and a Defence Science Advisory Committee member for Advanced Command Environments. She works on international collaborations including DOD Command &Control Research Programme and as a member of TTCP AG14 Complex Adaptive Systems.

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Centre for Applied Systems Studies
Cranfield University
United Kingdom

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