Gisela Wretschko

Gisela holds a MA degree in Industrial Psychology (University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg) and is a registered Industrial Psychologist. She has experience in assessments and psychometric testing, training and consultation.

Gisela's current main responsibilities include overseeing and conducting the entire assessment process for a wide variety of purposes and clients. Gisela applies occupational and other assessments for the purposes of individual and team assessment and development; leadership development; talent management; succession planning; and organisational design and development.

Gisela has consulted at all levels of organizations in a wide variety of industries including mining, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, transport, government, financial, retail, food and beverages, entertainment, healthcare, education, farming, research, motor, and human resources.

Her previous work experience includes the Military Psychological Institute where her professional skills were utilized by the Air Force, Army and Navy in the areas of Specialist Selection, Organisational Development, Training and Routine Selection. Some of these high-profile projects included work with the Special Forces, Navy Divers and Officers, South African Air Force Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers.


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* "Online flow experiences, problematic Internet use and Internet procrastination" in the Journal of Computers and Behaviour Human Computer Interaction

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* Presented a paper titled "Problematic Internet Use in South African Information Workers" at the Human Computer Interaction International Conference in Beijing in July 2007

* Guest speaker at the Fine and Country Annual Convention on "Behaviour at Work" in 2008

Registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa in 2007 (PS0100803)

Assessment Manager
Bioss Southern Africa
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Bedfordview, 2008
South Africa

T: +27 11 450 2434

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