Colette Cavaleros

Colette holds an MA degree in Human Resource Management (Industrial Psychology) and is an Organisational / Industrial Psychologist. She is registered with the New Zealand Psychologists Board (90-06383) and the Health Professions Council of South Africa (PS 007 1617). She has been incorporating the BIOSS technologies in her work since 2001. 

The focus of Colette’s work is around “flow” – creating flow for the individual through supporting the identification and realisation of full potential; and flow in the organisation through supporting the creation of optimal structures and conditions so that full value can be extracted from its human capital to achieve the strategic intent.

Over the last 20+ years Colette has accumulated a wealth of consulting experience across a multitude of industries including cellular, mining, pharmaceutical, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, automotive, construction, aviation, financial/banking, para-statal and government. She has worked successfully with diverse groups of people, across all levels in organisations in New Zealand as well as South Africa, Mozambique, Swaziland, Nigeria, Namibia, Botswana, Tanzania, Zambia, Singapore, Oman, and Australia. Colette’s areas of speciality include:

  • restructuring
  • organisational analysis, design, and development
  • succession planning and talent management
  • job evaluation, including job profiling and grading (based predominantly on the Matrix of Working Relationships Methodology)
  • performance management (including 360-degree assessments)
  • leadership and skills development
  • training and development
  • recruitment and selection
  • organisational and climate surveys
  • competency development, including competency frameworks
  • assessment centre design and implementation
  • teambuilding. 

With a strong focus on collaboration and customer service, the aspect of her work she finds most fulfilling is drawing on her global network to partner with her clients in creating customised and fit-for-purpose solutions. Her approach and style is pragmatic and balanced, and remains business focused rather than technically complex.

Colette is a certified CPA, MCPA and IRIS Practitioner, as well as a MWR Practitioner. She is an accredited IRIS, Custodian and MWR Practitioner Trainer, and is in the process of completing accreditation as a CPA Practitioner Trainer. She completed the Workplace Coach Training Programme (certified as Stage One of the ICF Credential Pathway), and is accredited in the use of a wide range of occupational / psychometric assessments.

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