Bill Williams

Bill has been a trained and accredited Careers Adviser for 28 years. He holds a Master of Applied Science in Organization Dynamics (RMIT, Melbourne, Australia), which is strongly based on the psychodynamic concepts developed by the Tavistock Institute. He was the founder of ACE Resources (a Sydney-based recruitment company) and co-founder of Asia Pacific Management Group, with enormous experience in recruitment.

Bill has recruited hundreds of staff, both for his own companies and on behalf of clients. He is an Executive and Career Coach at CEO level, and consults for his clients on organization and job design. He is also a highly experienced instructional designer who knows how to create exciting, stimulating, participative workshops that really work.

With experience in Vietnam since 1997, and as a Vietnam resident since 2002, Bill knows the Vietnam market. Having been involved in recruitment here, he knows the mistakes that most Vietnamese job applicants make, and can help clients to avoid them. Attending a course designed or facilitated by Bill is an excellent career investment, both immediately and for the long-term future.

Asia Pacific Management
Group Principal
Waterfront, P.O. Box 190
Tay Ho
Viet Nam

T: 84 4 3719 7252

F: 84 4 3719 7347