Ann Strömberg

With her business acumen and courage, Ann sees new possibilities. She perceives the client's problems and develops innovative new changes. *

What you can expect from me

My ambition for you, as my client, is to contribute by bringing order to that which you feel is not quite right with your business, something you cannot quite put your finger on or creates less value than it could. I work together with you to attain new perspectives on the issue and contribute my own experience of achieving significant change and get employees onboard.

My professional reputation

Ann is courageous, very committed and pours herself into her work and arouses enthusiasm in others. She is a driving force, sees the big picture and gets things done. Ann wants to improve the business — she looks for new solutions and is fired up by new possibilities. She works structuredly with her powerful energy and creates economically sustainable results in difficult times.

Ann is unassuming and sees the client’s problem and the organisational structures that affect the business. She combines a focus on results and business acumen with mindfulness, is welcoming and easy to cooperate with.

Ann creates constructive, innovative changes and creative collaborations. *

* The above is based on opinions from 15 clients and colleagues who have responded to a number of questions anonymously in October 2013 The responses have been edited and narrated by Per Frykman - Your Professional Reputation.

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Bioss Sweden
Fallströmsgatan 8

T: +46 707 88 41 85