About Us

Bioss is a global network of organisation and people development consultancies.

We work in the private, public and third sectors to support effective decision-making at all levels and help clients develop and deliver on their strategies in a complex world.

Bioss believes that work and organisations can and should be designed in such a way as to make the most of the constructive aspects of human nature, and to minimise the destructive.

Organisations that induce anxiety, confusion, mistrust and incompetence are costly and less likely to achieve their purposes in the long term. They may be effective for some years but they eventually fail their initiators (by for instance destroying shareholder value or failing to provide essential services to citizens), and thus the confidence the wider society has placed in them.

In an organisation that induces confidence and respect, people work together in ways that strengthen bonds of mutual trust and fairness, enhance imagination and innovation, and ensure competence; thus the organisation achieves its purposes and contributes to the wider society.

Bioss has research-tested and field-proven its understanding of individual capability and organisational complexity for over forty years in twenty-two countries spanning five continents.

We offer organisations new ways of thinking, helping them to tap into latent value and remove excess cost and waste.

We have also helped more than sixty thousand people across the world to appreciate their present capability and realise their future potential.

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